Mercedes-Benz Wiper Blade Replacement in Riverside

Time for a new set of windshield wipers? If so, visit our service and parts center for a Mercedes-Benz wiper blade replacement. Our team will help you select the correct wiper blades for your Mercedes-Benz model. We will also install them for you if you’d like assistance. Contact Walter’s Mercedes-Benz of Riverside for all of your windshield-related needs.

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Visibility is essential when behind the wheel, which is why your wiper blades are so important. Between the dirt, dust, and the occasional rain your windshield wipers get more use than you may realize. If you’ve turned them on and been left with undesirable results, now would be a good time to visit us, your local Mercedes-Benz dealership in Riverside, for a Mercedes-Benz wiper blade replacement.

Don’t Forget to Top Off the Wiper Fluid

Without wiper fluid it can be difficult to clean your windshield, even with the best wiper blades. So here’s how to check current fluid levels and top off the reservoir if necessary. (Before your start, you’ll need replacement windshield washer fluid and a funnel.)

  • Before you begin, make sure your vehicle is turned off
  • Locate the hood release level and pull it
  • Under the center part of the hood, discharge the latch and lift up the hood
  • Open the wiper fluid and set it on the ground along with the funnel
  • Locate the fluid reservoir cap and open it
  • Locate the fill line just below the top edge of the reservoir opening, place the funnel in the opening, and pour the fluid into the reservoir until it reaches the fill line
  • Replace the reservoir’s cap and close the vehicle’s hood-securing it back into place
  • Place the top back on the bottle of fluid and rinse the

Our highly trained Mercedes-Benz technicians are more than capable of assisting you with all of your windshield wiper needs as is our parts department, which also carries replacement wiper blades and fluids.

If your vehicle requires more than wiper fluid, we have all of your Mercedes-Benz wiper blade replacement needs covered.


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“Walter's Mercedes-Benz of Riverside took care of all my needs in a very timely, and professional manner. The service manager is very knowledgeable and helpful.” – Jeff L.

“Walter’s is great! The main guy is the most honest mechanic I’ve ever dealt with. It’s a small shop but he knows whom to call locally to get the right parts. I hope my car never has another problem but when it does, I’ll be back :-)” – Chris F.

Replacement Mercedes-Benz Wiper Blades For Sale in Riverside