Mercedes-Benz Dashboard Warning Lights

If you’ve ever found yourself surprised by a sudden alert on your dashboard between service appointments or out on the open road, you’re not alone! While these lights are enough to make any driver nervous, our Mercedes-Benz dealer in Riverside is here to help.

Below are a few of the most common warning and indicator lamps and what you should do if they appear on your dashboard.

ABS Malfunction LightMercedes-Benz ABS Malfunction Light

One warning light you may see on your vehicle’s dashboard is the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) light, which looks like a circle with the letters “ABS” in the middle. ABS prevents the wheels of your ride from locking under heavy braking conditions, however, if the ABS light appears then there may be something wrong with the system. Drivers can still slow and stop their car but the system won’t respond to emergency braking and could lock if you brake hard.

What to do next: Drive carefully and bring your Mercedes-Benz to a certified service center like Walter’s Mercedes-Benz of Riverside.

ATTENTION ASSIST® LightMercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST Light Coffee Cup Icon

Exclusive to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, Mercedes-Benz ATTENTION ASSIST® is an industry-first technology that monitors driving behavior and alerts drivers when they begin to show signs of fatigue behind the wheel. This warning icon looks like a steaming cup on a saucer and will illuminate your dashboard with a message telling you to, “Take a Break!” if the system determines that drowsiness is the cause of irregular driving patterns.

What to do next: Do as advised and take a break from behind the wheel.

Check Engine LightMercedes-Benz Check Engine Light

The yellow check engine light icon is shaped like your engine and is part of your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system that monitors performance. The check engine light will illuminate or begin flashing if there is a possible malfunction with the engine management, fuel injection system, exhaust system, ignition system, or fuel system.

What to do next: It’s important to pay attention to this warning and visit our Riverside Mercedes-Benz service center right away as continuing to drive with the check engine light on can negatively affect your vehicle’s performance and even impact your fuel efficiency.

Power Steering LightMercedes-Benz Power Steering Light with Exclamation Point

If you see a steering wheel icon with an exclamation point by its side, the power steering is malfunctioning, meaning you will need to use more force to steer than normal. Take note, a warning tone also accompanies this indicator light.

What to do next: If you are able to steer safely, drive carefully to a Mercedes-Benz service center. If you are unable to apply the force necessary to turn the vehicle safety, do not drive. Contact Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance for a tow to the nearest service center.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System LightMercedes-Benz TPMS Icon Light

Yellow in color and shaped like a cutaway tire with an exclamation point in the middle, your vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) monitors the air pressure in each of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s tires and will light up in your instrument panel if the pressure in one or more of your tires is insufficient or has dropped significantly. Low tire pressure can cause excessive wear on your tires and contribute to a dangerous blowout so be sure to check your tires regularly.

What to do next: Pull over somewhere safe, observe the additional display message in the multifunction display, and visually check the tires. If you have a flat contact Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance. If not, check the tire pressure and add air as needed.

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