What is Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO?


What Is Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO®?

KEYLESS GO® allows you to lock, unlock and start your Mercedes-Benz without having to struggle to find your keys. When your smart key is in your pocket, your Mercedes-Benz SUV or car will recognize your key fob when within proximity of the vehicle and can lock, unlock or start your vehicle — all without you having to do anything. Learn more about Mercedes-Benz KEYLESS GO® technology at our Mercedes-Benz dealership near San Bernardino, CA, today.


How Does KEYLESS GO® Work?

With your key on your person, approach your locked Mercedes-Benz and touch the driver’s door handle to unlock the driver’s side door only. To open the other doors, simply touch any of the passenger door handles and they will unlock as well. To start your Mercedes-Benz, put your foot on the brake and use the push-button start to turn on your vehicle.

When you’re exiting your vehicle, you can touch the sensor on the door handle to lock all your doors. If you realize you’ve left your windows or sunroof open, you can keep your finger on the sensor and watch as your windows close without you having to re-open the doors and use the control panel. Have more questions about how KEYLESS GO® works? Speak with the Mercedes-Benz sales team at Walter’s Mercedes-Benz of Riverside to learn more about KEYLESS GO® and how it makes your everyday journeys easier than ever.

Which Mercedes-Benz Models Offer KEYLESS GO®?

Plenty new Mercedes-Benz models offer KEYLESS GO® technology. KEYLESS GO® is featured in several Mercedes-Benz lineups, including but not limited to:

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