Mercedes-Benz Engine Repair in Riverside

Your Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle is engineered to perform, but if you’re experiencing engine trouble, bring your ride to the Walter’s Mercedes-Benz of Riverside service center. Proudly serving Riverside County and the surrounding areas for more than 50 years, you can always count on the certified technicians at our Mercedes-Benz service center for exceptional Mercedes-Benz engine repairs, rebuilds, and service!

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Signs it’s Time for an Engine Repair or Rebuild

Your Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle’s engine is an absolutely vital component, but when you experience engine failure, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact reasons, let alone decide whether it’s time to repair it or completely rebuild the engine. But that’s where our knowledgeable technicians at our Riverside Mercedes-Benz dealer can help.

Let us worry about that, instead, here are some warning signs of engine trouble that you should be on the lookout for:

    1. Check Engine Light

Perhaps the most straightforward sign, an activated check engine light can inform you of potential engine trouble before a breakdown. This light generally appears in your vehicle’s instrument display when engine issues stemming from a loss of power are detected, but could also indicate other more serious problems. Be sure to get your vehicle serviced when this light comes on.

    1. Reduced Fuel Efficiency

If you find yourself visiting the pump more often or trouble traveling routine distances without stopping, you may have an issue with your engine. A decrease in fuel economy could be attributed to a problem in the compression stroke of your engine, which is well worth a visit to a trusted Mercedes-Benz mechanic for assistance.

    1. Odd Noises or Odors

Hearing strange noises or smelling odd odors while driving is never a great sign. Noises can occur when there is an abnormality in the combustion flow and the exhaust stroke of your combustion engine can also give off a noxious smell when it starts to fail. If you notice either symptom, don’t hesitate to schedule service for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle immediately!

    1. Stalling

While some engine stalling may be normal on a manual transmission, excessive or frequent stalling on automatic transmissions are far less common and serve as a warning sign that something is wrong with an engine component. Stalling can lead to greater issues down the line so don’t wait to bring your vehicle in for service.

Mercedes-Benz Mechanic Near Me

If your Mercedes-Benz is in need of major repairs, our team is qualified to handle your vehicle. Given that our staff is made up of Mercedes-Benz Certified Technicians, the experts at Walter’s Mercedes-Benz of Riverside are more than capable of handling any necessary repairs. These mechanics have had extensive training and have worked with Mercedes-Benz vehicles both in the past and the present. We are pleased to inform you that we employ many of the leading Mercedes-Benz mechanics at our service and parts center in Riverside.

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Your vehicle is always in good hands at Walter’s Mercedes-Benz of Riverside. Contact us today with any questions about your Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle’s engine or to schedule a service appointment with our highly-trained service technicians. Trust us with your Mercedes-Benz engine repair, rebuild, or maintenance service.

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Satisfied Service Customers:

“My service advisor really took care of my concerns. He listened to my needs and car was serviced top notch. I come here because I trust they will not take advantage of me and overcharge me..” – MercedesGirl (DealerRater)