Mercedes-Benz And Nintendo At It Again

January 15th, 2016 by

Nintendo fans got a taste of what Mercedes-Benz could bring to gaming last year when the GLA and other historic models were offered as free downloads for the wildly popular Mario Kart 8. They’re back again and bringing the fun to the Nintendo Wii U system where Mario fans will find him upgrading his style with a new Mercedes-Benz GLA compact SUV.


Anyone who enjoyed their integration last year with the world-famous Mario franchise will be happy to see this luxury compact SUV back in action in 8-bit this time in the new Super Mario Maker game. This game allows players to create their own games and levels from all the past Mario games. Mercedes-Benz decided it looked like too much fun to pass up.

Get Ready For Jump’n’Drive

With basically every trick in the book from previous Mario games, it was easy to build an exciting level where fans can play with Mario and the new GLA, which looks great in 8-bit graphics (But maybe not as great as it would in your driveway). The Mercedes-Benz level is called Jump’n’Drive because you get to do what Mario does best, which is jump, and drive, which is what the GLA does best.

Aficionados of the game franchise will notice familiar scenes from past games dating back to the original with nice touches like a three-pointed star symbol made out of blocks or GLA spelled out in fireworks when you finish the level. This level offers a unique perspective on the game and this popular new vehicle.


Mario gets to experience the entire GLA ownership cycle starting at dealership, which leads to a test-drive through the Mushroom Kingdom. Once you beat the level, the vehicle is yours to use in any level and it comes complete with unique sounds. The only thing it’s missing is a seat for Princess Peach.

Be on the lookout for this awesome collaboration between Nintendo and Mercedes-Benz in the Super Mario Maker game on the Wii U system.

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