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If you are a company or business that often has to transport people for work, the right vehicle can make a big difference when it comes to the bottom line. Gone are the days of stuffy, cramped transportation vans where you don’t have the space or amenities to focus on the task at hand thanks to our Airstream Autobahn dealer serving Los Angeles.

Airstream Autobahn

Now there is a more elite option when it comes to getting your most important employees to that trade show or big business meeting. There’s now a way to impress a potential customer as soon as they arrive in town with a transportation vehicle that offers more than you thought possible.

Arrive With Style

The 2015 Airstream Autobahn luxury passenger van is available at our Los Angeles area dealer, and it changes the way you do business. It features the elegant design accents you’ve come to expect from Mercedes-Benz, but with a focus on providing business solutions on the go. It is designed for business so you can make that important trip with all of your key employees, and hammer out the finer points of your big presentation on the way there.

Airstream Autobahn

The Airstream Autobahn luxury van provides ample room for up to eight passengers with luxurious and comfortable, leather reclining seats with power-adjustable leg supports for those overnight trips. When it’s crunch time, they become workstations with a fold out desktop that easily has room for a computer and your notes. There are USB ports and 120V outlets for every seat so everyone can stay charged up and productive on the road.

Don’t worry, you get access to Wi-Fi wherever your business takes you in the Airstream Autobahn so you can keep up with email and do research before an important meeting. When it’s time to prepare, the 32″ HD presentation screen is ready to go with a Blu-Ray® player and Apple® TV compatibility so you can have everything ready to go.

If your business or corporation is in need of a new way to get to where you’re going, contact us today to learn about what the 2015 Airstream Autobahn can do by calling us today.

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